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Tips to help you sell your home

Happy SaleSelling your home leads to new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to move out of your current home or invest your money from the sale of a second home,
THE PROPERTY PALACE will make sure you get wherever you want to be – as quickly and as smoothly as possible!

We start by carrying out an experienced assessment of your property, inside and out, with a keen and knowledgeable eye. We’ll openly address any concerns with you if we see something we think might affect the sale of your property.Of course, there are some things you can do to help us to help you! With this in mind, we’ve created some simple tips which could really make your property stand out to current buyers.


Visit any property anywhere for the first time, and you’re likely to form some kind of impression when you first see it – from the outside!

Even if the inside is sparking clean with nothing out of place, an overgrown garden could spark a negative mindset, which makes a viewing less appealing for a potential buyer. So, tend to the details, and they’ll work together to make sure the results are nothing short of “your property – presented in its very best light“.

Mow lawnssweep pathsweed gardens and clean gutters. Show the pride you have in your home’s exterior as well as interior.

Clean walls and windows. Bright shiny glass really can make a difference.

Retouch paintwork – it’ll only take a few minutes and could add $$$$ to the appeal value of your home.

Remove excess rubbish. A trip to the tip to get rid of all that stuff you’ve been harboring could help present your home in a much more attractive way.


Where there’s a home, there are people living – and where there’s living, there can be evidence!

Make sure your property stands out, not your lifestyle.

There may be things in your home that have been around for as long as you can remember, which naturally you’d accept as part of everyday life. For somebody walking into your home for the first time though, it’s a different story. What if you own a dog that’s spent the last two years ‘trying’ to get in through the back door? There might be a few scratches there! Things like this will quickly stand out to anyone who’s serious about buying your property – so they need to be identified by you first if you want to sell as quickly as possible.

If you think it’s necessary, a ‘big clean’ before your property goes on the market is a good idea. Any clutter that’s gathered over the years which simply serves no use anymore…get rid of it. You’ll eventually need to anyway, and doing it before a viewing leaves more room for your property to be seen – at its best!

BE the buyer!

Take a fresh look around! Here’s some great tips for identifying any ‘grey spots’ (it’s helped many people we know). Take a pen and pad, and walk out your front door (you can even try this when you arrive home from work). Walk into your home and ‘tour’ every room as if you’d never been there before. Anything you see which you ‘think’ might raise doubt in the mind of a buyer – write it down. This is an effective exercise to help you look ‘laterally’ at your property and build a complete to-do list before you present your property for sale.


The following checklist will help you plan and prepare your property for ‘showtime!’

Clean the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly – then keep them clean!

If you or somebody in the house makes a sandwich 5 minutes before a viewing, just those few remaining crumbs and a buttery knife can distract a buyer. Try to avoid this and other similar scenarios.

Dust all furniture and remove any day-to-day clutter.

Dust out – dollars in!

Lock away any valuables.

Expensive ornaments may be admirable, but they aren’t the star of the show – and the last thing anybody wants is to see them knocked or damaged.

Make sure your house is well aired.

Fabric fresheners (for carpets and furniture) and plug-socket or tabletop air fresheners are available in abundance these days, and they’re great for neutralising any environment which might otherwise hold a tell-tale sign of pets, cigarette smoke, or other odours (which are more noticeable to someone who is exposed to an environment for the first time).

How’s the lighting?

Make sure your property is well lit – identify the best time of the day where your property catches most light before you arrange viewings, and if there are any dark corners, a vase of flowers can quickly brighten them up.

Pets and Children

We all love them, especially our own! But buyers might not be so smitten. If you can arrange for the house to be as empty as possible on the day of the viewingperfect! Anything that helps a buyer stay focused on the property as opposed to who or what lives in it is a definite plus, and something we recommend highly to increase the likelihood of a sale in the shortest time.